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Rally School is greener now

RPF Rally School took steps to more environmental approach as we tuned our cars with eFlexFuel technology system, which allows car to use bioethanol together with gasoline. In practice this means, that we can use any mixture between ethanol or gasoline from 0% to 100%. Our goal is to use only Finnish bioethanol, which is made from waste. This means our rally school vehicles co2 emissions drop 80% compared to gasoline.

Other advantage for a driver is, that with ethanol you get more power and torque. We attended lately a bioethanol driving day with Subaru to give hotlaps for guests at Ahvenisto circuit.

" Car felt strong and fun to drive. I dont see any problem to use bioethanol in our car fleet and most importantly we want to show for consumers and companies, that we are concerned about environment in the motorsport family as well. We need to show good example and if our Rally School cars can use this, then other 1,5 million older cars on Finnish roads can use this solution safely also. I learned also, that ethanol itself has developed since it was introduced 20 years ago and now it does not harm cars systems at all." - Jarkko Miettinen

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