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Rally Promotion Finland rally school includes everything you need- just arrive in Helsinki airport and we take it from there! We have programs from one day introduction course to longer intensive personal coaching programs.

Rally is not only driving and we can help in pace note practicing and co-pilot coaching. We have very challenging roads nearby, so it is easy to take a car and try to describe all crest’s and jumps down to the notebook.

“Many people ask me, why there comes so many good rally drivers from Finland? My answer is, that we have very good infrastructure for rally and plenty of good roads and tracks for rally driving. We take rally driving seriously and we have long tradition in sharing driving knowledge with each other. Our long winter gives perfect conditions for sliding training, but in my opinion it is world best and demanding gravel roads, that teach you to drive really fast and make good pace notes. If you can drive fast in Finland, you can do it everywhere”

– Jarkko Miettinen


Jarkko was main instructor in Toyota Gazoo Racing Challenge Program for Takamoto Katsuta in 2019- 2020. In this period Takamoto developed from good R5 class driver to WRC Rally1 top level driver.

Sam Bird, GP2 race winner, F1 test pilot

“Rally promotion finland rally school provides a useful service to professional drivers wanting to complement their winter training with some low grip driving practice. Jarkko is a talented driver whose teaching approach combines hard work with fun. Sitting next to him while he drove through the rally stage was a great experience. He was able to help me hone my skills in this particular driving discipline”

Vali Porcisteanu, Romanian Rally Champion 2011

“Even if i am a top driver in Romania, my driving style needed few “fine adjustments” that really helped me becoming the National Champion. Thanks Jarkko!!! I think Jarkko is a professional driver and a very good coach. I easily understood all that he has taught me and he was patient in every step that we had to pass through. I think that everyone who wants to be a fast driver should learn Jarkko’s “secrets” and “visit” his Rally School.”

Rally School Cars

This is our rally school car fleet. You can choose which car you want to drive. We have FWD Renault Clio Rally 5 with sequential gearbox, Subarus (N14), Skoda R5 and BMW 325 e36. For beginners it is recommended to drive first day with 2WD car and for second day upgrade to 4WD Subaru rally car.
In addition to our own fleet we can easily rent  Rally3 and Rally4 cars for rally school purposes.

BMW 325i (e36) ≈ 200hp
Subaru Impreza WRX Sti (N14)
Skoda Fabia R5
Ford Fiesta Rally3
Renault Clio Rally5