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2 days Rally School

2 days Rally School with BMW and Subaru

Sometimes it is good to start a bit slower and then speed up on the second day. It is good to combine rear wheel drive BMW with much faster 4WD Subaru, if you dont have any experience of rally driving. With rear wheel drive you have more time to feel what you should do and listen to our instructors advice. After warm up day, it is then much easier to master driving with Subaru.
Rally School includes theory lesson 45min, introduction to equipment and circuit, all necessary safety equipment, personal coaching, rally driving at forest rally stage, personal feedback and diploma. During course you will learn basics of rally driving with RWD and 4WD rally cars. We will introduce basics of pace notes and use them while driving on second day.
This program is suitable for everyone who is interested in motorsports. 

Rally schools can be tailored according each customers wishes. You can choose any car from our fleet, for as many days as you wish. Please feel free to ask for offer.


Single entrant: 3900,00€

Group enrant price 2-3 persons: 3000,00€